Okikendawt Hydro Revenue and Dokis Community Trust (the Trust)

The Trust was set up for the purpose of preserving and managing the revenue stream from the Okikendawt Hydro project and the Land Management Settlement claim. Its proceeds are for the long-term benefit and enjoyment of the Dokis First Nation and its respective Band Members.

  • The Trust acts as a body independent of Chief and Council.
  • The Trust shall allow for the long term preservation and growth of capital.
  • The Trust shall represent an independent source of funding for the Band and Band Members.

A portion of the Trust funds for proposals will be made available twice a year (April 30th & August 31st) to fund projects or business ventures.

Band Members and Council may make application for funding for certain Requests which have as their subject matter one or more of the purposes set out in the “New Project Funding Handbook

Please click here to access a copy of the “Project Funding Application“.

A copy of the Okikendawt Hydro and Dokis Community Trust Agreement and the Financial Statements are available for Dokis Band Members only (Login is required) at:


To register, you can click on the Dokis First Nation Member Log-in: https://www.dokis.ca/members/


The Canada Trust Company (Corporate Trustee)
Gary Dokis (Community Trustee)
Mark Dokis (Community Trustee)
Grant Dokis (Community Trustee)
Denis Restoule (Community Trustee)
Leslie Mead (Community Trustee)

Any questions or further information required, contact:

Sue Greer
Claims Coordinator/Trust Administrator
705-763-2200, ext. 235
email: claims.trust@dokis.ca