We all need to communicate. It’s the essence of life, allowing us to help connect to others; pass on information and share thoughts.

We will make every effort to share important information in a timely and accurate way using various methods, including community consultations, information sessions/workshops, mailings, newsletters, as well as our website and social media pages.

While we try to maintain our membership lists, the onus is upon each Dokis FN Band Member to ensure we have current information. If you have a life change to report, your first point of contact should be with membership or communications.

Examples of Life Transitions

  • New Members, Status
  • Marriage, (name change)
  • Births
  • Address changes
  • Divorce, (resulting in a name change)
  • Deaths

General Inquiries

Contact Us

Dokis First Nation Administration

940-A Main St.,
Dokis First Nation, ON P0M 2N1
(705) 763-2200
Fax (705)-763-2087

Dokis First Nation Health Centre

940-B Main St.,
Dokis First Nation, ON P0M 2N1
Fax (705)-763-2663

Dokis First Nation Lands Department

948 Main St.,
Dokis First Nation, ON P0M 2N1