Dokis First Nation is a community located on the boundaries that separate the Districts of Parry Sound, Sudbury and Nipissing, approximately 16 kilometers South-West of Lake Nipissing on the French River. The community is accessed by a 25 kilometer gravel road from Highway 64 leading to the two nearest urban centers of North Bay, via Highway 17 and Sudbury via Highway 69. Both centers are approximately 120 kilometers from the community.

The First Nation lands are composed of two large islands which are nestled within the flows of the historical French River. The main settlement or community is located on the northern island called “Okikendawt Island” (meaning Island of the Buckets/Pails). The name is derived from several bucket formations in the rock due to centuries of water flows to these areas. The buckets were often utilized for tobacco offerings for safe passage through the territory.

The second island is a large Southern Peninsula which is generally utilized for traditional purposes such as hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. Many locals have private hunt and fishing camps throughout this First Nation territory. In total, the First Nation land base is in excess of 39,000 acres.

The total membership of the community is steadily climbing with over 1300 members with a residential population of approximately 200. In the summer months, the population increases. The community has a growing population and a commitment to sustain and improve the quality of life for all it’s members, both on and off-reserve.

Dokis also provides a wide range of health, employment and administrative services to its members as well as a sustainable lifestyle based on the richness of the natural resources under its care.