Eco-tourism: is now defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education.” The goal is to educate tourists about conservation efforts while offering them the chance to explore nature.

Dokis First Nation sits at the western-most of Lake Nipissing surrounded by the rushing waters of the mighty French River and the Lake Nipissing’s West arm.

Under the direction of the Forestry Manager, Dokis maintains a few trail systems which are the Tikibi, Chaudiere and Papase trails. These trails are open to the public, however, permits are required.

The Tikibi Trail – Tuh keebe is an Ojibway word for Springwater.

The Tikibi Trail is 2.3 kms. in distance, it is a loop trail with blue markers. The trail begins at the Lands Office on Main Street and circles back to the office. Permit is required.

The Chaudière Trail

Chaudière Trail is 2.2 kms in distance and starts near the end of Main Street as you will see the trailhead sign. This trail is marked in orange, and connects the Upper French river to the lower part of the French river. It also passes through Dokis Park And Tenting. Permits required.

The Papase Trail – “Puh puh se” is an Ojibway word for Wood pecker.

The Papase Trail is a wilderness hike that leads to the spectacular Five Finger Rapids, or Zoongininjii in Anishinaabek. Zoongininjii means Manitou’s strong hand, or simply “five fingers”. The rapids are created by five rocky “fingers” which funnel the Little French into the Lower French River. The trailhead sign is on ‘Old Graveyard Road”, it is 18 kms. long and is considered a moderate/hard trail in terms of endurance. It is minimally developed and is fully marked in blue painted markers/signage. It has two campsites along the trail.
Permit and trail info is required.

Five Finger Rapids is also accessible by by canoe offering a great camp spot for paddlers of the Upper and middle French River.

Trail permits:

$5.00/person, free under 10 and over 70.
Camping is $20.00/campsite/day at Dokis Park.


Dokis Park – Maintenance is currently in progress with the addition of new campsites.

For further information:

Call (705) 763 2575 or by email:

Five Finger Rapids