Dokis First Nation has procedures for hiring it’s employees. There are three rounds used for hiring and recruitment process, as you can see below:

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1st round postings are open to all registered Dokis First Nation members.
2nd round postings are open to spouses of registered Dokis First Nation Members and registered members of other First Nations.
3rd round postings are open to all applicants (status and non-status)

Dokis First Nation members are encouraged to apply to all rounds of employment postings.  As per Section 24(1)(a) of the Ontario Human Rights Code, Dokis First Nation gives preference to First Nation applicants for any employment opportunities.

Current Opportunities

There are currently no postings as this time.

For more information surrounding employment oppurtunites and training, please contact:

Employment & Training Counsellor – Chris Dokis
(705) 763-2200