Dokis First Nation highly values and promotes lifelong learning. This is accomplished by combining the Seven Grandfather Teachings along with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. Consistent development and practice of the Seven Grandfather Teachings and Medicine Wheel will result in our children and students moving forward in their education with balance. The Education Department runs under the direction of the Education Director, and the goal of the department is to provide support services to students and their families to make certain the student’s education aspirations are being accomplished. The Education Department administers programs and supports at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. They provide assistance to students/parents in every aspect of educational issues from early childhood education to adult education by:

  • Providing safe and efficient school bus and charter services on a daily basis;
  • Establishing adequate education service agreements with provincial school boards;
  • Addressing each student’s individual learning needs, including supporting special education needs;
  • Working at the request of, or on behalf of, individual students and/or parents/guardians;
  • Establishing and maintaining partnerships that contribute to positive educational experiences for our students;
  • Meeting the reporting requirements of various funding agencies;
  • Administering the post-secondary assistance program.
  • And more….

Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig (Dokis School)
129 Loop St.
Dokis First Nation, ON
P0M 2N1

Phone Number:

Director of Education – Lois Lambert
Teacher – Kaitlin Commanada
Teacher – Erika Restoule
Education Assistant – Stephanie Michel
Ojibway Culture Instructor – Rita Trudeau
Secretary – Linda Dokis
Post Secondary Education Counsellor – Marthe Restoule