Dokis First Nation Indian Land Management Fund (ILMF)

The Indian Land Management Fund (“ILMF”) was a management fund created by the Crown in 1856. The ILMF used funds belonging to First Nations to fund the Indian Department and the administration of First Nations.

The ILMF illegally appropriated Dokis money to pay costs that should have been borne by the Crown. The Crown never consulted with Dokis or other First Nations about the creation of the ILMF.

The ILMF ceased to exist in 1912.

The Land Claim is about the fiduciary and treaty obligations the Crown owed to Dokis, the Crown breached its fiduciary and treaty obligations.

In February 2021, Dokis ratified a referendum vote to accept the Claim negotiated by Dokis and the Crown. This resulted in the approval of the Claim settlement as set out in the Settlement Agreement and the creation of the Trust Agreement known as the “Okikendawt Hydro Revenue and Dokis Community Trust.

Dokis initiated a Per Capita Distribution (PCD) to it’s Band Members in 2021, but the majority of the funds were placed in trust to maximize the “benefit to current and future nation citizens”.

This “benefit to the First Nation” suggests that a large part of the compensation be retained in a way that permits its investment for the future, and for purposes that would assist in replacing what was lost to the First Nation; the opportunity to make use of and invest the monies for the benefit of the community.


All Dokis FN Band members alive at the time the ILMF Claim settlement proceeds are paid to the Trust and the Trustees calculate the amount for the PCD; (the “Settlement Date” April 22, 2021).

If you become a Dokis FN Band member after the Settlement Date, you do not qualify for the PCD.

For information on how to apply for the PCD, please visit our link under “Forms”.   (Login Required)


Dokis First Nation retains mailing lists of its Band Members for the purpose of communicating with the membership. It is your responsibility to ensure that your address is updated with our office.

Visit the Contact Us section to submit a change, or contact our office at 705-763-2200.

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