Dokis First Nation Chief and Council trust in the importance of being responsible, honest and accountable to its membership. Strategic planning and policy development are always closely associated with community engagement, and effective communication is important in maintaining what Dokis First Nation leadership is accomplishing and working towards for its membership.

As the leaders of the Dokis First Nation, Chief and Council require critical thinking and knowledge of public administration and governance. Chief and five Councillors provide leadership to Dokis First Nation that oversee the work of the organization directly and indirectly through the Executive Director.

Chief – Gerry Duquette Jr.
Deputy Councillor – Roland Restoule
Councillor – Denise Restoule
Councillor – Chris A. (Babe) Dokis
Councillor – Derek (Bud) Restoule
Councillor – Paige Restoule
Executive Director – Pamela Restoule