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1 - Wajashk Cottages
Operator: Joe Livingston
482 Wajashk Meekun
Tel: 705-763-2218
2 -  Dokis Marina
Operator:  Derek Restoule
1053 Main Street
Dokis First Nation, ON    POM 2N1
(705) 763-2491

3 - Dokis Band Office (Trails)
940-A Main St.
Dokis First Nation, ON P0M 2N1
 4 - Fox Den - Log Home Rental
Dokis First Nation, ON
P0M 2N1
(705) 763-2027

5 - Doug Dokis Trailer Park


6 - Riverview Cottages
Operator:  Shirley Dokis
302 Charlie's Bay Road
Dokis First Nation, ON
P0M 2N1
(705) 763-2127
Fax: (705) 763-2486

7 - Mama's Chipstand
Operators: Denise Restoule
849 Main Street
Dokis First Nation, ON     POM 2N1
(705) 763-2028
(Open May to September)

8 - Migisi Marina
Operator:  James Dokis Sr.
Dokis First Nation, ON
P0M 2N1

(705) 763-2114


9 - Dokis Powwow Grounds

10 - Cold Springs Camp
Debra & Ray Racine

(613) 408-0440

11 - Camp Petawachuan
Norman Dokis Jr.

(705) 491-1931

12 - Dokis Community Complex / School

13 - Robert Restoule Memorial Athletic Park

  • Dokis Okikendawt Project brings green energy to Ontario consumers
    During construction of the Okikendawt Project in 2013, Dokis Chief Denise Restoule said that she was enormously proud to be building a generating station that will supply clean and renewable energy for Ontario electricity consumers.
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  • Dokis receives CWWF funding for Hydrogeological study.
    The $180,000 CWWF funding contribution will assist with new drinking water system.
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  • New Chief of Dokis looks to a bright future
    The new Chief of Dokis First Nation is proud after being elected on May 21. Gerry Duquette Jr. also works as the Lands Management Coordinator for Dokis.
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  • News Flash
    Recycling in Dokis First Nation
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    If you would like the link to the report please contact Jane Dokis, at 705-763-2575
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  • Updating addresses
    Notice to Band Members In an effort to stay connected with our members on and off reserve, we are asking your assistance to submit your current contact/mailing address.
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